New year, new goals for Dotty Bee!

Happy 2019 everyone! 

Now that the kiddo is back in class, I can refocus on getting some of the remaining 2018 items out of the way.  Thank you SO much to our partners, retailers and customers for your patience during the time we were away. 

Hokkaido was a dream.  The snow falling everyday made it feel like a winter wonderland.  Growing up in Hong Kong, it was Leya's, now 4.5yrs old, first time playing (and eating) snow.  She loved it.  And I enjoyed watching her laugh everytime she threw herself into a snow bank making angels.  I hope we can take her back again soon.

I think about the improvements that I want to make for Dotty Bee this year... One step at a time.  First, I'll be introducing a new item to our personalized gifts section.  Stay tuned!