What's Your Favourite Newborn Gift?

When you're in the baby gifts biz, naturally friends and family ask for gift recommendations they're looking to get someone.  In my honest opinion, any of the Dotty Bee bouquets, gift sets are all great ideas.  I'll share at least my own experience.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I received bouquets of congratulatory flowers (fresh) which all went to waste before I even left the hospital.  Beautiful of course however I just felt I couldn't really enjoy them at the time.  Then there were extremely beautiful looking pieces of clothing, which probably we only got to use after 6 months because they weren't always comfortable for the baby to wear.  

My husband and I ended up going out to buy more baby basics - bodysuits, socks, hats, winding cloths... because these were the items that were getting us through the days (and nights) and we went through a LOT of these basic pieces.  Nothing fancy in them but just comfortable, high quality 100% cotton clothing - things she could sleep in, breastfeed in, nap in.    And a Dotty Bee bouquet really is just a great 2 in 1 gift.   A beautiful bouquet (because in the end who doesn't love flowers) and then all the clothing essentials you'll need for those first delicate couple of months.

We took the same sentiment when we chose our partner companies to work with.  These are actual useful gifts, with extraordinary quality in them that has been thought out... probably from another parent's experience as well.

It's as simple as that, have a great weekend!