A year of change and reflection - 2021

It has been surreal thinking how quickly 2020 passed us by.  In our household, it has been especially busy.  Homeschooling a 1st grader and caring for a 1 year old while running Dotty Bee can be challenging at times.  Being resilient and open-minded to many aspects of our lives makes getting through each week much smoother.  We are grateful that we've been able to reunite with the children's grandparents over Lunar New Year break after being separated for over 1 year and we hope that all families have the opportunity for the same very soon.  

Restocking Dotty Bee items has been a priority and we are working on updating our site with new hamper choices.  We are also actively sourcing for new items to incorporate into our product offerings and hope to share more with you over the coming months.  Meanwhile, stay warm!

All the best,